Professional Work

Compressor/Qmaster Transcode Cluster (2011-Present)
The compression and transcoding of video plays a significant role in the workflows for all the various programs within CalArts’ School of Film/Video. It is a resource intensive activity that can often monopolize lab workstations for hours or days. Therefore, the creation of a dedicated cluster for handling compression and transcode jobs for the School of Film/Video became a priority. I currently am designing and overseeing the implementation of a 64 core Apple Qmaster cluster for use with Apple’s Compressor. Currently the cluster is built and I am currently working with Apple on custom management of the queue to integrate with our network based user accounts. This may eventually also be extended to include After Effects rendering as well.

3D Stereoscopic Workflow (2011-Present)
CalArts’ Experimental Animation program began to offer a class in 3D Stereoscopy in 2010, however they lacked hardware and software solutions for enabling the students to create their own stereoscopic content. In the summer of 2011, I was tasked with creating a low-cost hardware/software and workflow solution that would fit the needs of the programs budding interest in 3D stereoscopy. One lab has since been equipped with passive 3D displays and one Cineform/Final Cut Pro based editing suite. The basic workflow has been established and I had the chance to be a guest lecturer on the workflow during the Fall of 2011. In addition, I have been working with current students on custom 3D stereoscopic camera rigs and post workflow.

Samsung: Immersive TV Research (2011)
I worked with Samsung’s Design Research Team, providing professional input and feedback on their ongoing immersive television research project. The key questions being what human and technical factors contribute to creating a feeling of immersion, what current technologies can be harnessed to create immersion and how will content producers use these new technologies. In conjunction with this work I received a Samsung Research Honorarium.

3D CG Lab Renovations & Mac Transition (2010)
In May of 2010, the CalArts’ Experimental Animation and Character Animation programs decided to transition their aging Windows based 3D CG labs to Mac. The process would involve the decommissioning of 100 client systems spread across three labs, determining adequate specifications and testing possible Mac hardware and software, deployment of the new systems, rebuilding the Rush render farm, the reconfiguration of network storage, and major infrastructure upgrades. I was selected to be the lead for the project, given my previous background with enterprise Mac deployment and networking experience and track record for accomplishing large projects on time. All of this needed to be completed and tested before the next school year, with a small crew primarily comprised of graduate students and myself. The labs were up and running by the deadline despite delivery delays from Apple. The Rush render farm core count increased to just shy of 700 cores and gained additional speed from a newly architected backend that included a 40TB Infortrend RAID, shared out over 10 gigabit ethernet. It also now used the more robust and platform agnostic NFS sharing protocol and gained an additional set of dedicated render blades running Fedora.

Turnstone Consulting LLC (2008)
While I interned at, Turnstone Consulting LLC, I worked with Rachel Abrams on identity strategy for the Queens Museum of Art and did technology research for the N.Y.C. Taxi Limousine Commission’s Taxi of Tomorrow. The research for the Taxi of Tomorrow project included GPS and XPS hybrid positioning systems for location-based services and advertising and improvements for the Passenger Information Monitor (PIM). Turnstone subsequently worked with Turkish automotive manufacturer, Karsan, on their taxi that would be one of the finalist in the Taxi of Tomorrow competition. Links for more info on both projects below.

Queen’s Museum of Art

Taxi of Tomorrow: Karsan

Exquisite Acts & Everyday Rebellions (2007)
I ran live sound for the Exquisite Acts & Everyday Rebellions: CalArts Feminist Symposium, organized by Audrey Chan. The symposium was a day long event with three panels discussing, strategies for contemporary feminism, third wave feminism, and the politics of personal experience. Subsequently, I performed post production sound work on the video documentation of the event. Below is a listing of the panels and links to the videos.

Introduction & Presentation of “c 7,500”
Presented by Leslie Dick

Panel Discussion: Strategies for Contemporary Feminism
Panelist: Mary Kelly, Catherine Lord, Andrea Fraser, and Elana Mann

Panel Discussion: Third Wave Feminisms
Panelist: Maria Cruz, Chitra Ganesh, Emily Roysdon, Faith Wilding, and Theresa Masangkay

Panel Discussion: The Personal is Political, Revisited
Panelist: Andrea Bowers, Dorit Cypis, Martha Rosler, and Audrey Chan.