Data Visualizations Show @ Cerritos College Art Gallery


My new 3D printed hyperobject “A Segment of Approximately Twenty Two Thousand Four Hundred Miles Over Approximately 16.28 Days” will be in the Abstracted Visions: Information Mapping from Mystic Diagrams to Data Visualizations show curated by James MacDevitt, opening on August 25, 2015. The piece itself is made from GPS data logged during my North Pasadena to Valencia commute that I drove daily from 2010-2013. The piece will also incorporate the ambient soundscape from the drive as heard from within the vehicle and a custom LED fixture illuminating the form. The show will run through September 24, 2015 at the Cerritos College Art Gallery. Don’t miss it if you’re in LA!

The piece has been made possible with support from Airwolf 3D, Cerritos College, Electronic Countermeasures LLC, Butch Allen, Michael Day and Kerstin Hovland.