Databergs, is a series of 7 data based 3D printed sculptures.Databergs, are 3D printed sculptures that take their form from combining a myriad of data sources from 9 different categories: Commodities, Death, Nature, Private Sector, Public Sector, Stock Indices, Technology, … Continue reading

Welcome To The Sandbox

Welcome To The Sandbox, is a video installation that looks at the “Happiness Island” sweater and its unsure slogan that proclaims “Happiness is…Land” and its implications for Grand Theft Auto IV, open world games, game consoles, and media formats along with the inclusion of playgrounds throughout fictional Liberty City. Continue reading

EULA For A _______

EULA for a _____, creates end-user license agreements (EULA) for everyday objects and services to illustrate the encroachment of legal agreements into every aspect of our existence and comment on social practices. In 2010, I was invited to stage the … Continue reading

The Neighborhood Network Watch

The Neighborhood Network Watch (NNW) is a simulation of a possible next step for network-based government eavesdropping operations through a community volunteer group that monitored the network traffic of public and private WiFi access points for terrorist activity. This simulation … Continue reading

Black & Green

Black & Green (2006) is a video loop/software piece that memorializes those who have died from improvised explosive devices (IED) during the current Iraq War. The loop is primarily comprised of text that includes each name, rank, military branch, division/battalion/company, place … Continue reading

March 17th, 2007

On March 17th, 2007, I participated in an anti-war protest in Los Angeles with a group of friends and students from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) and the University of California Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.) and artists based in Los … Continue reading

*nix Genealogy

*nix Genealogy, is a performance by a Dell Mini 9 “hackintosh” laptop computer, that recites the genealogy of the operating system it is currently running, using language typical of Old Testament Biblical genealogies. It starts in 1969, with UNICS, from … Continue reading


In the popular game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas there is a gun shop chain named Ammunation.  Within the game there are various radio commercials for the Ammunation store that are simultaneously humorous, ridiculous, scary, yet not removed enough from … Continue reading