Death, Destruction & The Weather Coming Up Next

Death, Destruction & The Weather Coming Up Next, is a set of public interventions and an animated short that takes a look at the structure of the mass media’s coverage of war and death and recontextualizes it within American suburban landscapes. The short is comprised of live action found news footage that has been edited and then placed into sequential posters that are hung in suburban landscapes. These posters are then photographed and the edited once again to bridge the various spaces and reintroduce the movement from the original news footage; conjoined with audio from the vantage of the camera moving through the space, the space itself, the posters, and sound bytes from the found footage. This creates a hyperreality that places the news physically, in this case war, in our own familiar suburban landscape in order to break down the disconnects that exist between the everyday and world events that effect people.

34th Student Academy Awards National Finalist – Experimental
2nd Place at the 4th Annual Careless Drive-In Film and Video Festival

2009 – Le Cinématographe Nantes, “Juste à côté de L.A. : CalArts Video, 2005-2007,” Nantes, France
2008 – Anthology Film Archive, New York, NY
2007 – Chinese Taipei Film Archive, Taichung City, Taiwan
2007 – Taiwanese International Animation Festival, Taipei, Taiwan
2007 – Milano Film Festival, “Different American Films,” Milan, Italy
2007 – 4th Annual Careless Drive-In Film and Video Festival, 2nd place, Sylmar, CA
2007 – 34th Student Academy Award Western Regional, Portland, OR
2007 – Philadelphia Film Festival, “Visions of Persistence,” Philadelphia, PA
2006 – CalArts Experimental Animation Showcase, Hollywood, CA

Documentation of Death, Destruction & The Weather Coming Up Next