“EULA For A _____” Artist Talk @ Electrofringe 2010

“EULA For A _____” Artist Talk @ Electrofringe 2010 from Emery Martin on Vimeo.
Documentation of the artist talk I gave about, “EULA For A _____” for the Electrofringe new media festival, October 1, 2010 @ Process Space, in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Please read the EULA For A Talk before proceeding with watching this video reproduction.

EULA For A Talk
By attending this talk and or listening to or watching any reproduction of this talk, you as the viewer and or participant agree to the following conditions and terms of experience. This talk does not advocate nor discourage the active and or passive defacement of public, private, and presently unclassified and or ambiguous property. The presenter of this talk may or may not convey the opinions and views associated with this talk. There is no guarantee given to the effectiveness of said presenter in his/her ability to convey the opinions and views of said talk nor his/her own opinions and views that may invariably be but not necessarily be expressed during the duration of this talk. The duration of this talk may or may not run for the designated period of time. This talk reserves the right to end or lengthen said period of time at its own discretion. This talk may not be reproduced or rebroadcasted in any form at any site, physical or otherwise, without the express written consent of the governing body of this talk which may or may not include the current presenter/s.