Neighborhood Network Watch Participates in “A Day in LA: Washington Blvd”

The Neighborhood Network Watch got back into action, when it participated in “A Day in LA: Washington Blvd Art Concert” that took place on October 11th, 2009.  “A Day in LA” consisted of art works, interventions, and performances by artists along the 27 mile stretch of Washington Blvd that runs from Whittier to Venice.  The Neighborhood Network Watch’s Los Angeles Network Identification and Collection Division (NICD) performed a warwalk in the suburbs surrounding the First Fundamental Bible Church (FFBC) in Whittier.  The performers included, Audrey J. Chan (documentation), Emery C. Martin aka J.R. Jones (group leader), and Matthew Muro (local NICD member). In addition a wardrive was also conducted from Whittier to Mid-City.

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