The Neighborhood Network Watch @ 2008 ITP Spring Show

Once again I was able to perform as the Neighborhood Network Watch’s Emissary to the Department of Homeland Security at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program’s biannual show. This time I was presenting on a specific component of The Neighborhood Network Watch, that being the Home Network Awareness Program (HNAP).

I got a chance to talk to a lot of people, have some lengthy discussions as well scare a few people off. There were a few highlights throughout the show. One was getting a chance to talk with the main person at NYU’s International Students office that was urging that I begin pitching the software, the NNWKAA, to smaller universities that don’t have stringent cross checking methods. Specifically methods for checking whether a student maybe associated with terrorist organizations. Another was an individual from the NYC housing department who was so delighted that such a program was currently operating, a tad scary. We had a great group of children drop by who were really interested and signed up for the email list as well as being able to ask some pretty sophisticated questions. A reporter from Wired also came by who had experienced last year’s performance. He told me he was left wondering whether it was real or not and it prompted him to research the group and eventually was able to find out that it was indeed a simulation. However, his editor did not want to write an article after it was found out not to be real. Oh well.

We also had some new items for people to take with this time, new pamphlets and stickers. The documentation from the show is in the process of being assembled so look out for a new PSA that should be coming in a month or two. You can view some pictures from the show here. All in all the two days at the show went well.