400 Characters and a Staircase Later

Currently Pitzer College is taking submissions for a rather large site specific text piece for the staircase in the Nichols Gallery.  Having really enjoyed the little staircase or nook gallery, as I like to call it, that is at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, I wanted to make sure to submit something.  Now, I misread the requirements as 400 words rather than 400 characters.  What started off as a long discussion about the design, function and social conventions of staircases, with attention to typographic layout has resulted in what I’d almost call the twitterized version of itself.  That result being an abbreviated end user license agreement for using the staircase itself.  Which makes me think that I may have a new guerrilla public art project on my hands.  It might be fun but we’ll see what happens.  Until then please observe the following when you are climbing the stairs.