Death, Destruction and the Weather at Le Cinématographe in Nantes

Death, Destruction, and the Weather Coming Up Next, is now traveling to Nantes, France to be screened in the, Juste à côté de L.A. : CalArts Video, 2005-2007, a collection of video art coming out of CalArts between 2005-2007, curated by Audrey J. Chan.  I will be on hand for the screening in Nantes which is tonight.  Details and press release below.

The Contrechamp series presents a carte blanche to Audrey Chan, American artist and writer, currently in residence at l’école régionale des beaux-arts de Nantes (Nantes School of Art). As a parallel program to her exhibition at the school’s gallery, “Notes Toward an Exhibition”, she is presenting a program of videos made by young artists who studied at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), where video is employed as a fluid medium that engages with such practices as performance, painting, sculpture, writing, socio-political critique, and racial and gender deconstruction. Program duration: ~60 minutes + discussion with the artist.

CamLab (Anna Mayer & Jemima Wyman), Critical Field Craft: Apex Cryptophores, 2007
Audrey Chan, Untitled: Soliloquy in Blue, 2005
Bianca D’Amico, Moneyshot, 2006
Trulee Hall, For Snowball, 2005
John Hogan, Give Thanks, 2004/5
Elana Mann, Embroid, Embroil, 2007
Emery C. Martin, Death, Destruction, and the Weather Coming Up Next, 2006
Theresa Masangkay, May Your Days Be, 2007; Untitled: Hollywood Hills Forest Lawn, 2007
Akosua Adoma Owusu, Revealing Roots, 2007/8

Contrechamp is a monthly program dedicated to art, film, and video, organized by artists Patrick Bernier, Christine Laquet, Olive Martin, and Stéphane Pauvret.