End of Summer 2013 and Coming Soon

It’s been a very busy summer and looks to be a just as busy fall. So, here’s a quick recap of what has happened this summer and is coming up in the fall.

Mounted the multi-disciplinary show, Speculative: Futures, Origins, and Everyday Staples, which may be the first show about Bitcoin, using Bitcoin, and derived from Bitcoin. First?

I’m confirmed to teach a new class at CalArts this fall, FE503: Remix | Mashup, that will use remixes and mashups to look at post-post modernity, aka digimodernism, aka fill in the blank with a name, the new aesthetic, digital natives, network culture, and how it is changing the way we make art, animation, film, sound, video, etc. I’ve been pouring over tons of old things I’ve read along with new things. I’m excited but hard at work writing up the syllabus and trying to find a structure that works for this type of topic. This may be my last semester teaching at CalArts for awhile since I’m not going to be back teaching Digital Path for Animation. We’ll see.

I will be back at Woodbury’s Media Tech program as a participating adjunct, doing directed studies and writing curriculum again.

There are a number of things stewing on the business front with Electronic Countermeasures. We’re closing in on completing work on, The Fountainhead, for Charles Long’s commission by the Nasher Sculpture Center. I’m currently working on the dollar bill particle system for the piece. We install in October and the piece will open at the NorthPark Mall in mid-October.

We will be working with Charles Long once again with his show/curation of a show for the new Austin Contemporary. No details to spill on this one, but it will be coming in early 2014.

Hopefully I’ll be dropping tidbits of news more regularly, but if I don’t you know why. Signing off for now.