Fountainhead On View in Dallas

Some video documentation of Fountainhead, the interactive sculpture by Charles Long that I worked on by way of Electronic Countermeasures LLC. I was responsible for building out the particle system for the “money water” that flows over each sculpture face, along with the various patterns they create. There were around 1200 dollar bills per face, 5 different patterns, 3 different gross speed modes, 6 different particle groups with different behaviors, and each particle also had its own variation of speed/steering/etc. I also built the sound playback system, network triggering system, and the network for the piece. Kerstin Hovland animated the splashes and built the iPad app that integrated with the PayAnywhere card readers that allows the public to donate to one of three local Dallas charities, Bookmarks, Dallas CASA, and the North Texas Food Bank.
DSC_1945 DSC_1952
Fountainhead is currently installed at the Northpark Center in Dallas, Texas as part of the Nasher Sculpture Center’s Nasher XChange exhibition. On view October 16, 2013 through February 16, 2014.