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Freeway Sign

Freeway Sign was a collaborative project with Roman Jaster (Graphic Design BFA2) and Meagan Collins (Photography BFA1) shown in the Interventions 05′ group show. It was for a class that aimed to take art out of the conventional gallery space in order to repurpose or critique the space which it presides in. CalArts being in Valencia, one of the most suburban communities in Southern California, where there is never a time when there is not a H2 Hummer in the parking lot of the local grocery store, it felt only apt to do a project to comment on this. The massive amounts of traffic that exit and enter at the beginning and end of each day filled with S.U.V.’s was the impetus for the idea for the final art installation of a freeway sign on the Interstate 5 South, which leads into Los Angeles. The sign was created out of a construction sign that was repainted the proper warning sign yellow; Roman and I did this jointly. Roman created the text for the sign. I then took that text and created the vinyl sticker letters for the sign. Meagan, Roman, and Myself carried out the final construction and installation, of the street sign. It stood for 5 days.

Photo Documentation

Video Documentation

Freeway Sign: Video Documentation from Emery Martin on Vimeo.