Untitled (CPT)

Untitled (CPT), (2007) is a video loop documenting my daily commute on the Green Line Antelope Valley Metrolink line after my car suffered a fire on the 10/405 freeway interchange. The commute starts at Los Angeles’ Union Station and terminates at Newhall Station in Newhall.

A photograph was taken on an interval determined by the buffer of the camera phone I had at the time to create a 14 second long pixelation animation. The individual frames were then broken up into 4 sets of stills and edited together as a progressive round starting with black, single sets, double sets, triple sets, and finally the full set of frames. The audio comes from field recordings of gear shifts from the very same care that perished on the 10/405 interchange and is edited in opposition to the train commute visual. It starts off with the full cycle of audio, that is then edited out with each train frame that is shown.