“Lamentatio Solastalgia i. Ablatae” Now Online

Kerstin Hovland’s animated short, Lamentatio Solstalgia i. Ablatae, created for the CATALIN show at The Contemporary Austin is now online. I had the privilege of working on the piece with her contributing the 3D model from databerg, D6: THE IPV4 EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT CLOSES AS TEMPS AND TAKEDOWNS PLAGUE NETIZENS WHO TAKE SOLACE IN STABILIZING LEGOS, along with doing sound design and mixing the sound for the piece. The sound was created almost entirely with my newish Arturia Minibrute analog synth, with a little help from my Korg MonoTron Delay. The second piece in the series should be up soon as well, which features another 3D model and more sound work.