Political Speech For A Hydra

On November 4th, I performed Jason Kunke’s performance script, Political Speech for a Hydra, as part of the Exchange Rate: 2008 performance exchange. The script is essentially a political speech that was primarily comprised of the voices of people who … Continue reading

This is not about random()

This is not about random(), is a new and very small text piece done in processing for the Rhizome/OpenProcessing 200 Character Tiny Sketch challenge. Having seen too many works made in Processing that have relied on random functions for no … Continue reading

Dialogues in Command & Conquer Generals

Since computer games are a socializing force both directly and indirectly, Dialogues in Command & Conquer Generals (2007), begins to deconstruct and forefront the ideology presented by the game, “Command & Conquer: Generals” (2003), in relation to another often seemingly benign socializing mechanism, … Continue reading

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel (2007) was a project that looked into critiquing first person shooters usage of crates and barrels in level design. Looking at this long held and unchanged trope of placing crates and barrels seemingly arbitrarily within levels to … Continue reading


RGB2CMYK is an ongoing ¬†project that takes a look at the relationships of RGB and CMYK color spaces, print and video worlds, and live color space conversion of video sources. RGB2CMYK’s software component was originally a C application but is … Continue reading

Dead Man’s Shuttle

Dead Man’s Shuttle, is a small shuttle that takes riders along the deadly curve located at Sunset Boulevard and N. Whittier Drive, known as “Dead Man’s Curve.” Riders are  given a brief history on the curve and its influence upon … Continue reading


Ghost was an interactive wearable that used physical contact to illustrate the exchange and incorporation of ideas, information, and personality between people. Ghost was a collaborative project between Ji Sun Lee and Robert Moon. The wearable consisted of conductive gloves that acted as switches … Continue reading

Untitled (CPT)

Untitled (CPT), (2007) is a video loop documenting my daily commute on the Green Line Antelope Valley Metrolink line after my car suffered a fire on the 10/405 freeway interchange. The commute starts at Los Angeles’ Union Station and terminates … Continue reading

Freeway Sign

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Freeway Sign was a collaborative project with Roman Jaster (Graphic Design BFA2) and Meagan Collins (Photography BFA1) shown in the Interventions 05′ group show. It was for a class that aimed to take art out of the conventional gallery space … Continue reading

Wooly Bully

Wooly Bully, mashes up Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs pop hit of the same name, Wall Street’s “Charging Bull” statue, a striped wool sweater, an animated gif of a few lyrics from the original song, and the YTMND format. “Wooly … Continue reading